How you can lower your cortisol level naturally and with some vitamins

Take enough sleep

If you are not taking 8 hours sleep every day then your cortisol level can be you must take enough sleep every day otherwise your cortisol level in your bloodstream will be higher then normal amount try to sleep same time every day some researcher recommend that you must start sleeping  at 10:30pm.that is good time for people who have higher level of must sleep in a dark room and did not eat  things at night that have more sugar otherwise frequent urination will disturb your sleeping at night.

Higher cortisol symptoms

Constipation but not frequently
Anxiety like symptoms
Irregular ovulation or menstrual period in women
Low exercise performance
Your blood pressure will be higher
Feeling muscle weakness
Low potassium level
Weight gains specially in the face and abdomen
Weak bones osteoporosis
Type 2 diabetes in some people
Low sex drive in male
You will not enough sleep
Frequent urination at morning
No interest in get together
Always feeling tired
Problem in concentration
Frequent infection some not traceable
Feeling thirsty frequently
Low mode almost all the time
Higher level of immunoglobulin ige

Taking vitamin d

You must take vitamin d to lower your cortisol level most people have low vitamin d whose cortisol was higher then normal you must take sunshine 30 minutes every day that will decrease your stress and also that way you can increase your vitamin d.first you must test your vitamin d level if you have vitamin d deficiency then you must take vitamin d otherwise you just take sunshine.research has shown if your cortisol level is higher then you must take many vitamins because your body will not work properly if any vitamin is less in your body.

Why higher cortisol patient takes many vitamins

Remember without proper research you can not diagnose why your cortisol level is higher.
so first you must test your body almost for all vitamins or some of necessary vitamins.simple if
your body have any vitamin deficiency then you can take that care must be
professional and he must have deep research.i will recommend you some tests you must done
if your cortisol level is can repeat then tests after few months.
Vitamin d after every year
Calcium after 6 months later
Iron after 4 month later
Folic acid every 6 months later
Vitamin B3 after two months later is adrenal gland friendly
Vitamin B5 after 4 months later is also adrenal necessary for adrenal gland
You check dhea-4 but do take natural supplement
Zinc after 1 year later
Just take any vitamin that is less in your body and do not take any vitamin if that vitamin is not
less is your body.

Does exercise can reduce your cortisol

Exercise is really good for your health. it can help to reduce your mental and physical stress.It can also reduce your cortisol most people are so lazy they just like to stay at home. research has shown people who often go outside even to buy something have better you know life is the name of running if you will stop then your health will not be better so run every day and make your health better run means to walk and meet new people talk with them and laugh.exercise is really helpful for people who have major depressive disorder it can decrease major depressive disorder symptoms. exercise can reduce your cortisol so you must do some exercise every.

Why you must take calcium

If your cortisol level is higher then you must take some amount of calcium but not every day.your just take calcium only 15 day in a month and you can take calcium up to 2 months.cortisol can make your bones weaker calcium can help to make your bones stronger.but remember if you will take too much calcium then your body can produce kidney and gall bladder you must test your calcium in blood then you can take calcium if your blood test shows your body have less calcium.

Avoid tea and coffee

If you are taking too must tea or coffee then slowly you can reduce the use of tea and coffee remember that tea and coffee consumption can increase release of cortisol so you must take less tea and coffee.even at night if you will take tea or coffee you will go to bath room.because frequent urination will not let you sleep well so you must limit tea and coffee slowly then your cortisol level will be reduce gradually.also your health will be more better you can take fresh foods and vegetables instead of tea and can take tea and coffee with less sugar or without sugar that is little bit difficult for you.

Change all of your diet and food habits

If your cortisol level is higher then you must change all of your diet and food but why you will change your diet and food.because your body is not getting enough required vitamins from your current you will eat more things you never eaten in your life and you will less things that you have eaten before that will help your body to recover must eat all foods that have less sugar otherwise your adrenal gland will not better so you can eat fresh foods and vegetables that will sure help to lower your cortisol.

Adrenal gland potassium and cortisol

If your mood is always upset then you must check your potassium level. research has shown that most people potassium was lower then normal range whose cortisol was you will know that your potassium level is lower then normal you will collect your 24 hours urine.then your can submit in laboratory they will give you result in few days then you can know.24 urine can easily show you how much potassium in your if you have low potassium then you can take potassium chloride supplement and you can also take potassium rich foods they will help your adrenal and kidney to recover soon from higher cortisol. 

High cortisol adrenal fatigue and cortisol related cancer treatment

First you must done whole tests to diagnose your disease properly.list of test doctor will never recommend you if you have enough money then you can test your body for small and big vitamins.remember vitamins are necessary for our body doctor can give you other medicine but vitamins are good for your health.
Amino acid profile
Vitamin e

Imaging test to check why cortisol level is high in your body

You can done whole body mri without contrast doctor will ask you that you just test your brain or adrenal gland for your high cortisol.but whole body mri is good.remember mri with contrast can little bit dangerous for your kidney.some time doctor will ask you do not worry nothing will happen.but before mri you can check your urea and creatine that will surely show you how well your kidney is working.
What after you check your body for a lots tests
Simple you will check which vitamins are very less in your body and then you can take that specific vitamins and surely your cortisol will be reduced very soon.without a lot of your body test you can not know why your cortisol level is high.

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