Medical student or other student who are learning website developement can contact us for more infomation related to their internship.

If you have digiskills graphic designing course or you have free lanceing course then you can do internship on our website.

We required male and female staff who want internship in grapics designing and free lancing or article writing.

Note : If you want any sort of internship with our website then read it carefully and you can join our facebook group and you can talk to us.

  • You need facebook messenage audio call for interview.
  • You need skype or any desk software for screen sharing.
  • We only need open minded people shy people stay away.
  • Time waster please stay away.
  • If want to learn new things about medical and you can write on different topics then can do internship with our company.if you are fresh website developer then we can also provide you opportunity so you can work for our company.

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