Doctor job in islamabad

House job doctors salary in pakistan

The house job doctor expected salary will be Rs.30000 to Rs.50000
  • If you are looking for a job then you can register on our website we can provide patients from different cities of pakistan
  • Most of the want want to earn more money but making money is not easy
  • We need doctors who can check our patient in very less charges
  • First doctors must increase their knowledge then they can make more money

  • Any doctor who can check patient repoorts in Rs.50 to Rs.100
  • Why doctor join new telemedicine website

  • You are new or old doctor you need strong profile on social then you can serve more patients old doctors website or healthcare website have more doctors then you have less chances to get more patients
  • Doctor profile on old website will be shown on end because they have many doctors
  • We request all sweet doctor please make your free profile on our website
  • If you are house job doctor then you must register on new websites
  • How much salary we can pay to our doctors

  • The doctor salary will depond on how much patients he check
  • Check more patients and make more money