Why 6 blood test are necessary for all poor and rich people

Calcium is necessary for every one.because after the age of 20 your body start 
reducing vitamins so you need to eat more vitamins.calcium is one of the vitamin 
that is reduce in our body frequently so every 6 month later you must check your
calcium level.if your calcium level is less in your body then you can take 
calcium supplement for only 2 months remember taking too much calcium can make 
stone in your kidney.after taking calcium supplement you can test your
calcium level agian it your calcium level is less in your body then you can
eat more otherwise you can stop taking calcium.

Why your body use more iron

Remember if you are taking tea then your iron level will be reduce more quickly.
so you must check your iron level after 6 month later.but you will check your iron level.
because people who have less iron will feel tired all the time.they are many resons but our purpose is
you must take iron supplement otherwise you will hospital in emergency.
1.Your breath will up on stairs.
2.Your will tired soon during any work.
3.Iron can help to produce more red blood cells.
4.You will not tired soon.

iron for pregnant women and old people

I request all people please check pregnant women iron level every 2 month later.
because your children need food they get from mother and mother will be weaker so
she need more iron if her body is reducing more iron.the same the way you can give 
iron to old people so they can feel more better because as you get older
your boody need more vitamins.

Cbc blood test for all people

Cbc is most common blood test.it is also necessary for every one.
it is use to all type of diseases.so after 6 month later you
must check how much blood in your body.

How potassium is good for your kidney and heart

First you must check your potassium level in your 24 urine not in blood.because 
urine test are more accurate then blood.if you have low potassium then you can
take potassium chloride supplent but first you must consult with your doctor.
remember potassium is good for your heart health.so you can take potassium rich food
in your daily life.

Vitamin d and heart disease

Why you need to vitamin d because vitamin d is also reduce in all people bodies.
as you spent money then after month later your have less money same your
body use vitamin so your need vitamin d every day.if your vitamn d will decrease then
you can prey heart disease or you can also prey some resporatery illnes.so
check your vitamin d and take vitamin d supplent if your body have less
vitamin d.

Folic acid and your brain function

Remember our brian need b vitamin folic acid is also belong to vitamin b that
is called b9 so b for brain and it is necessary for your brain.it can
help to make your brain stronger.it can also help for brain fog.

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