Why publish medical research on our website or any website on the internet

If you have gain some knowledge from your medical research then you must share
with other people so other people can get advantage from your medical research.
so it is important to share medical research with other so our society can health
can be better.you can give new ideas to other students how they can do medical research 
on different topics.

If your medical research have no advantage for society 

if you have done some sort of medical research during your m.phil or phd degree.but your
heart thing it is useless to share with other then you are wrong.you must share
on differnt plateforms so people can be get knowledge and cure their diseses in a good way.
Your research must give good impact on our society.if our society have no advantage from 
your research then your research is uselss.so share your knowledge with other will 
give your soul pleasure and happines.

Always publish medical research in a precise and short form

According to latest research most of websites not publish research data in a short form.
so you did not need to post too much longer articel.so you post research in a short form
so general people or people who are in medical field can understand easily.suppose your
research has find that peach is good for women breast cancer then you can write even
in a single line this will called short or precise information so most people can

Does your medical research can give ideas to other medical researcher

Yes your medical resarch can give ideas to other medical researcher.so if you
will not post your research any where on the internet then how people can get advantage 
or ideas from your research.share research can give medical research ideas to other.if your
research have some sort of error may be other can make it better in future.so share your
knowledge with other with a good heart and good faith.

Why write summery of your research

Writing summery of your research is very important thing if you will write summery 
of your research this can help other medical student or researcher.medical student or researcher
can understnad your research topics in a short time.some time people need some information in
emergency so they can read summery of your research in a short and they can get advantage from that research paper.

How you can choose topic for research

If you want to choose topic for research is so easy.you can choose research topic 
related to your field like if you are medical student who is doing p.phil then
you can choose research topic how you can make new medicine.this is not you will
make medicine you can also help medical companies or researcher so they can make new medicine.
if some medicine is giving some side affects.you can give your suggestion how medical companies can
improve these medicne.

Your research must be unique

If you will ask to any doctor that whole body tests are necessary for every patient and every disease.
rememeber many people will laugh on you.because whole body test are waste of money and time.but
if you will done whole body test for any disease then surely you will be a great researcher.most doctor just done
few vitamins tests that is not a good thing.even in our country pakistan we did not have simple vitamins tests
like vitamin c and vitamin e.how we can conduct good resarch if we have all vitamins tests then we can fight
with differnt diseases very easily.suppose a patient have diabetess then no doctor will done amino acid profile test
may he have l-carnitine deficinecy or doctor can done selenium blood test because these test are not available in our
country so we need unique research on patients then we can give good health to our society. 

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